March 10, 2022

Sage Advice for Seniors Facing Financial Troubles

Sage Advice for Seniors Facing Financial Troubles


Are you one of the growing number of seniors carrying heavy financial burdens into their retirement years? Debt, combined with increasing costs of living and decreasing income opportunities, are psychological stressors that impact quality of life. You did a lot of right things to get to this point in life, so celebrate this accomplishment and don’t let financial troubles get you down. Instead, make a proactive effort to resolve these issues so you can get on with a rewarding life.


Identify Causes

Get into the right frame of mind and begin with an honest assessment of your situation. Identify the root causes of your financial struggles and explore possible solutions. Formulate a plan of action, implement it and measure success by the results. Now is the time to start thinking this way—not tomorrow, not next week, but right now!

Understand the primary financial stressors for seniors. Research shows these are usually mortgage debt and credit card debt. However, student loans are becoming more common these days because so many seniors are helping their children and grandchildren foot the bill for a college education.

The cost of living expenses is on the rise, too. In addition to debt, many seniors face the daunting reality of recurring high monthly expenses associated with:

●     Food

●     Utilities

●     Transportation

●     Health care

●     Insurance

●     Taxes


Explore Solutions

There are often multiple solutions to any financial issue you’re faced with. Focus on what you can do and apply your efforts there. Assess all your options, then, assess them again. Don’t rush important decisions.

Often, your home is your greatest financial asset. Consider selling it and downsizing. Strategic use of your home equity could stop the financial hemorrhaging and get you back on the right track immediately. The equity is your home’s value minus the mortgage balance. Get an appraisal, secure the services of a trusted realtor and get your home in shape to bring top dollar in the sale.

If selling your home is not an option, consider securing a reverse mortgage. This strategy allows you to borrow against your home’s value without having to make payments. For many, this is an effective option.

Consider other options that might work well combined with the above strategies. If your issue involves cash flow, you may seek assistance from government agencies at the federal, state, and local levels. There are many financial programs designed specifically for seniors. Discover community resources available to you as well. Churches, nonprofits, and similar organizations are willing to assist in times of need.


Make a Plan of Action

You can solve your financial problems by creating a plan of action. Focus on ways to increase your income with creative work opportunities and to reduce your living expenses. Craft a workable budget and stick to it.

Most importantly, in the course of solving your financial problems, be sure to take care of yourself. A solid self-care regimen ensures your peak performance in this marathon. Diet, exercise, and quality relationships, among other things, are critical to your success.


Measure Success by the Results

Your budget is your benchmark for measuring success. Let your budget shape your thinking. Be so bold as to strive for more income and fewer expenses than your budget indicates. This requires tremendous self-discipline, but you will be glad you did.  

It pays to be proactive in your efforts to solve financial problems. Get back on top of things by pinpointing the causes of your problems, discovering solutions, implementing a plan of action, and measuring your results. This is part of living well.

This article is brought to you by Dan Rhoads Health & Wealth, where my mission is to use the wisdom gained from personal experiences to help everyday people gain independence in health and wealth. For more information, please contact Dan today!


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