January 12, 2022

How You Can Overcome Obesity

How You Can Overcome Obesity


Anyone who has suffered from obesity knows that it is a complex issue without an easy solution. If there were one, everyone would be the weight they chose to be. However, there are ways to fight obesity through wellness-focused actions. Here, DanRhoads Health & Wealth shares how you can combat this disease that affects so many of us.


Have Fun Working Out


If you don’t enjoy a workout, you are less likely to do it. If you hate exercise, then you just haven’t found the right kind. Try something new each day until you find something that you actually enjoy. If you don’t have time to experiment during the week, then try to walk for at least 30 minutes a day, preferably outside. Go somewhere you enjoy to walk, whether that’s the park, a nature hike, the beach or even the mall. Or check out online exercise videos. There are a wealth of free options available, and you can do them right in your home.


Don’t be afraid to try things you enjoyed as a child, either. If you loved biking back in the day, get yourself a bike. If you enjoyed hula hooping, go and purchase a hula hoop. What about swimming?  If you enjoyed it when you were a kid, maybe you should give it a try now.

When you work out, it’s important to dress appropriately. You want to be comfortable when you exercise, and the right workout clothes will encourage you to stay focused on your goals. Also, think about investing in a fitness tracker or smartwatch to help track your fitness journey, as keeping up with the steps you’ve taken and miles you’ve run will help encourage your efforts and increase your confidence.


Rest and Relax


Recently, science has suggested that obesity and stress are linked. If you don’t take time to de-stress and relax, then you are doing your health a disservice. Take time each and every single day to unwind. Similar to finding an exercise that works for you, it may take experimentation to find your perfect way to de-stress. Try focused breathing, relaxing your muscles one by one, or even journaling.


Some people find solace in gardening, and others need a hot bath to help their bodies relax. Have fun with it. Experiment with drawing or painting, or pick up a new adventure hobby, like hiking, mountain biking or boating. If you’re new to outdoor adventure life, sites like Adventure Digest can point you toward the right gear so you’re all set up to make the most of your treks.


Makeover Your Diet


So much of our weight comes down to what we eat. Following a strict diet is not necessary, so long as you use common sense for most of your meals and carefully monitor your portions. Eat a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, and make your plate as colorful as you can. Be sure to also incorporate whole grains, lean proteins.


Try to eat at home often, as you can control exactly what goes into your dish. Make sure you have the right utensils, like a good knife set, a strong cutting board, and a kitchen scale to prepare your meals. Also, cut out as much refined sugar as possible, but don’t beat yourself up over the occasional sweet treat. Learn how to make “healthy” versions of your favorites, where you substitute sugar and butter for naturally sweet ingredients, like applesauce.


See to Your Mental Health


As it is with stress, obesity is often linked to mental health conditions, especially depression. It stands to reason that if you want to lose weight for the long term, you may need to treat any underlying causes of weight gain. Examine your mental health, and see how you can better focus on healing yourself. If possible, speak to a professional, such as a doctor or a therapist, about what steps you might take to develop a plan of action.


There are things you can do at home to help yourself as well. Meditating, catching up with a loved one, getting good sleep, and cutting down on social media may all have a positive impact on the mind. Above all, remember to treat yourself with love and kindness.

Revisit our Health Insurance


These days, many insurance plans come with extra perks like access to fitness plans or smoking cessation programs. Many also offer programs to help overcome obesity like access to a nutritionist or specialized weight loss services. Revisit your health plan to see what may be available to you. If your policy is lacking, it might be time to change your coverage. If that’s the case, connect with insurance specialist Dan Rhoads to find a low-cost plan that works for you and offers the coverage you need.


It may seem intimidating, but starting with small steps can lead to great change. Slow change is often the most impactful, so do not let seemingly slow progress get you down. Focus on your mental, emotional and physical wellness together to see the best results.


Image Courtesy of Pexels

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